Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy - Integrated Methods Part B

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy - Integrated Methods Part B


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1. A comprehensive approach to gene expression profiling in immune cells Sabrina Carpentier, Francois Romagne and Eric Vivier 2. DIY: Visualizing the immune landscape of tumors using transcriptome and methylome data Steven F. Gameiro, Farhad Ghasemi, John W. Barrett, James Koropatnick, Anthony C. Nichols, Joe S. Mymryk and Saman Maleki Vareki 3. Using epigenetic data to estimate immune composition in admixed samples Ankur Chakravarthy and Daniel De Carvalho 4. Metabolomic approaches to study the tumor microenvironment Giuseppe Astarita, Suraj Dhungana, Bindesh Shrestha and Evagelia C. Laiakis 5. Immunoscore assay for the immune classification of solid tumors: Technical aspects, improvements and clinical perspectives Florence Marliot, Lucie Lafontaine and Jerome Galon 6. Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-ss) activity in immune-oncology studies Gabriel Gallo-Oller, Marianna Di Scala, Fernando Aranda and Javier Dotor 7. Isolation of DNA from exosomes Sheila Spada, Nils Rudqvist and Erik Wennerberg 8. Decoding cancer cell death-driven immune cell recruitment: An in vivo method for site-of-vaccination analyses Shentong Fang, Patrizia Agostinis, Petri Salven and Abhishek D. Garg 9. Computational methods in tumor immunology Bhavneet Bhinder and Olivier Elemento 10. Deconvoluting tumor-infiltrating immune cells from RNA-seq data using quanTIseq Christina Plattner, Francesca Finotello and Dietmar Rieder 11. Concurrent in situ analysis of point mutations and immune infiltrate in FFPE cancers Ann-Marie Baker and Trevor A. Graham 12. RNA interference screening methods to identify proliferation determinants and mechanisms of resistance to immune attack Yong-Wei Zhang, Rochelle E. Nasto, Sandra A. Jablonski, Ilya G. Serebriiskii, Rishi Surana, Joseph Murray, Michael Johnson, Rebecca B. Riggins, Robert Clarke, Erica A. Golemis and Louis M. Weiner 13. An altered miTRAP method for miRNA affinity purification with its pros and cons Simon Jasinski-Bergner, Christoforos Vaxevanis, Nadine Heimer, Maria-Filothei Lazaridou, Michael Friedrich and Barbara Seliger 14. Identification of immunomodulatory RNA-binding proteins in tumors Michael Friedrich, Maria-Filothei Lazaridou, Jette Rahn, Christoforos Vaxevanis, Nadine Heimer, Simon Jasinski-Bergner and Barbara Seliger 15. Techniques for the generation of humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology Chun I. Yu, Florentina Marches, Te-Chia Wu, Jan Martinek and Karolina Palucka
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Adoptive cell transfer; Biomarkers for immunotherapy; CAR T cells; Immune checkpoint blockers; Immunogenic cell death; Oncolytic viruses; Peptide-based vaccines; Small modifiers of the tumor microenvironment<BR>