Advances in Biomolecular EPR

Advances in Biomolecular EPR

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1. Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Physiologically Important Metal Ion Binding Sites in the Prion and Related Proteins 2. The catalytic role of metal-radical/protein-based radicals in heme enzymes 3. Rigid Cu2+-based spin labels for the study of higher-order DNA G-quadruplex structures 4. Orthogonal spin labeling and membrane proteins: increasing the information content and going towards in cell applications 5. Spectroscopic investigation of mono- and di-Mn-containing centers in biochemistry with an emphasis on application of paramagnetic resonance techniques 6. In Vivo pO2 Imaging of Tumors: Oxymetry with Very Low-Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, an Update 7. EPR contributions to understanding molybdenum-containing enzymes 8. EPR spectroscopy of Type I reaction centers 9. Characterization of a substrate-derived radical in the NosN reaction during the biosynthesis of nosiheptide 10. Functional solvent-protein interactions characterized by using spin probe EPR spectroscopy 11. Integrative Ensemble Modelling of Proteins and their Complexes with Distance Distribution Restraints 12. Site directed spin label probes of the mechanism of the cyanobacterial circadian clock 13. Pulsed EPR spectroscopy as a tool to probe non-canonical electronic structures in artificial metalloenzymes 14. Light-induced Pulsed Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy for distance and orientation analysis 15. Recent Advances in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization 16. Advances in Rapid Scan EPR Spectroscopy 17. Controlling and exploiting intrinsic unpaired electrons in metalloproteins 18. EPR advances in characterizing radical SAM Enzymology 19. Overhauser high field DNP 20. Experimental Guidelines for Trapping Paramagnetic Reaction Intermediates in Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Enzymes 21. EPR Characterization of Synthetic Structural and Functional Analogs of Metalloenzyme Active Sites 22. EPR spectroscopy on kinases
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Electron paramagnetic resonance; EPR Spectroscopy; magnetic resonance; metalloenzymes; metalloproteins