Large Animals as Models for Human Diseases

Large Animals as Models for Human Diseases

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Preface Ya-Xiong Tao 1. Sheep as a model for neuroendocrinology research Chad D. Foradori and Laci Mackay 2. Relevance of dog as an animal model for urologic diseases Hannah Ruetten and Chad M. Vezina 3. Canine models of human cancer: Bridging the gap to improve precision medicine Rebecca L. Nance, Abdul Mohin Sajib and Bruce F. Smith 4. Bovine models for human ovarian diseases John F. Roberts and Chen-Che Jeff Huang 5. Mutations in rhodopsin, endothelin B receptor, and CC chemokine receptor 5 in large animals: Modeling human diseases Ren-Lei Ji and Ya-Xiong Tao 6. Melanocortin-1 receptor mutations and pigmentation: Insights from large animals Ren-Lei Ji and Ya-Xiong Tao 7. Mutations in melanocortin-4 receptor: From fish to men Ya-Xiong Tao 8. Patient-derived organoids as a model for tumor research Jia Wang, Xiaoying Feng, Zhichao Li, Wei Chen and Weiren Huang
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Biobanking; Bovine model; Cancer; Canine; Canine model; Cattle; CCR5; Comparative anatomy; Comparative physiology; Disease; Disease model; Dog; Endothelin B receptor; Energy expenditure; Food intake; Fox; G protein-coupled receptor; Growth; Horse; Human; Kisspeptin; Melanocortin-1 receptor; Melanocortin-4 receptor; Mutation; Non-human primate; Obesity; Organoid; Ovarian follicular dysplasia; Pig; Pigmentation; Polycystic ovary syndrome; Precision medicine; Pregnancy; Premature ovarian insufficiency; Puberty; Reproduction; Rhodopsin; Sexually dimorphism; Sheep; Tumor; Tumor research; Urology