Practical Theorising in Teacher Education

Practical Theorising in Teacher Education

Holding Theory and Practice Together

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Introduction Section 1. The nature of practical theorising 1. The role of practical theorising in teacher education: formulation, critique and response to the challenges 2. An international perspective on practical theorising Section 2. Negotiating the challenges of practical theorising for beginning teachers 3. Practical theorising in learning to teach history: a shifting process of negotiation 4. Practical theorising in a changing context: enabling beginning science teachers to negotiate different expectations in the reality of schools 5. Developing teacher agency in drawing on research and reflection when teaching students to produce written responses to text 6. Prospective teachers' ways of addressing challenges in teaching reasoning-and-proving 7. Theorising practices of inclusive pedagogy: a challenge for Initial teacher education Section 3. Tools to support practical theorising 8. Tools for promoting practical theorising in mathematics 9. Supporting student teachers' practical theorising via written assignments 10. The role of assessment in supporting beginning teachers 'practical theorising' and pedagogical learning in geography education 11. Developing the practice of teacher educators: the role of practical theorising Section 4. Practical theorising beyond initial teacher education 12. Sustaining practical theorising as the basis for professional learning and school development 13. Practical theorising in the professional development of primary teachers: outcomes of the 'Thinking, Doing, Talking Science' project 14. Curriculum: practical theorising in the absence of theory
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