Digital Learning in Higher Education - COVID-19 and Beyond

Digital Learning in Higher Education - COVID-19 and Beyond


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Contents: Foreword xiii Diana Laurillard 1 Introduction: education's liminal space 1 Matt Smith and John Traxler 2 Pandemics, policies and positionality: how COVID 19 makes the case for postdigital policy making in higher education 11 Sarah Hayes 3 FELTAG in rearview: FE from the past to the future through plague times 24 Howard Scott, Alison Iredale and Bob Harrison 4 Students' agency in the emergency remote teaching landscape 37 Caroline Kuhn 5 Blended learning: impacts on the student experience 46 Elliott A. Lancaster 6 Covid-19 and UK higher education: library perspectives 57 Lis Parcell 7 Further non-teaching perspectives on aspects of the higher education sector impacted by COVID-19 69 Maren Deepwell, Rachel Crookes and Matt Smith 8 Collaborative survival: the Bloomsbury Learning Exchange's response to the pandemic 77 Sarah Sherman, Shoshi Ish-Horowicz, Nancy Weitz and Julian Bream 9 To record or not to record? That was the question 86 Rachel Maxwell and Rob Howe 10 Initial teacher education during COVID-19: adopting, adapting and inventing 104 Matt Smith, Rachel Morgan-Guthrie and Christy Caddick 11 The use of technology in health professionals' learning in a time of COVID-19 119 Trudie Roberts, Suzanne Bickerdike, Nancy Davies, Gareth Frith, Jananisree Ganapathy, Richard Gatrell, Charlotte Pettersen and Joshua Rowe 12 "Having your cake and eating it": Arden University's responses to the COVID-19 lockdowns 131 Helen Scott and Carmen Miles 13 Digital learning after the crises: the new normal? 144 John Traxler and Matt Smith Index
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OVID-19 pandemic; Higher education; further education; Digital learning; online learning; e-learning; learning technology