Water Resource Management Issues

Water Resource Management Issues

Basic Principles and Applications


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SECTION I Overview Chapter 1 Glossary of Terms Chapter 2 Historical Perspective Chapter 3 Water Properties Chapter 4 Water Chemistry Chapter 5 Environmental Regulatory Framework Chapter 6 The Clean Water Act Chapter 7 The Safe Drinking Water Act Chapter 8 Water Monitoring and Analysis SECTION II Water Resources Chapter 9 Water Resources of the United States Chapter 10 Global Water Resources SECTION III Water Treatment Technologies Chapter 11 Drinking Water Treatment Chapter 12 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chapter 13 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Chapter 14 Evaporation Chapter 15 Membrane Separation Processes Chapter 16 Crystallization Chapter 17 Nanotechnology SECTION IV The Future Chapter 18 New Options for Water Desalination Chapter 19 Terrorism Considerations Chapter 20 The Pollution Prevention Approach Chapter 21 Sustainability Chapter 22 The Role of Optimization Chapter 23 Ethical Considerations Chapter 24 Future U.S. Water Security
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Crystallization; Evaporation; global water resources; ISO 14000; Membrane Separation Processes; Nanotechnology; pollution prevention; Sustainability; safe drinking water supplies; The Clean Water Act (CWA); The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA); U.S. regulatory programs; Water resources; Water treatment; water treatment technologies