Water, Climate Change and the Boomerang Effect

Water, Climate Change and the Boomerang Effect

Unintentional Consequences for Resource Insecurity


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1. Introduction: Theorizing the Boomerang Effect 2. Nothing's Always Perfect: Lessons from the Three Gorges Dam 3. Four Countries One Aquifer: The Guarani Aquifer and the Duty to Cooperate 4. Shifting Waters: Changing Water Discourses and the Farakka Barrage 5. The Belo Monte Dam: from local protest to national boomerang effect 6. An Assessment of UN-REDD in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam 7. 'We have the right to do anything we like': The Boomerang Effects of the Illisu Dam 8. Can Climate Change Challenges Unite a Divided Jordan River Basin 9. A Gendered Analysis of Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) as a Strategy for Strengthening Adaptive Capacity in Ghana's Tolon District 10. Unintended Consequences of Dams and Water Security: An Insight into Women's Vulnerability and the Spread of Malaria in Ethiopia
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Gibe III;BAU Scenario;Yangtze River;Belo Monte;Norte Energia;Guarani Aquifer;Brazilian Government;Transboundary Aquifers;Farakka Barrage;Riparian States;Transboundary Water;Gap Project;Gap Region;Belo Monte Dam;ISFM;Gas;Soil Fertility;Virtual Water;Gilgel Gibe;UN-REDD Programme;PA;Water Food Energy Climate Nexus;Rubber Plantation Expansion;TGD Project;IPTp