Theoretical Physics for Biological Systems

Theoretical Physics for Biological Systems


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Quantum Mechanics in Biology General Definitions The Time-independent Schroedinger Equation Time-dependent Schroedinger Equation Transition Probability Per Unit of Time Quantum Coherence and Entanglement Quantum Interference Quantum Effects in Biology Statistical Physics in Biology Why Statistical Physics in Biology? Markov Processes The Chemical Master Equation Chemical Master Equation and Curse of Dimensionality Discrete Approach to Chemical Kinetics Stochastic Simulation Algorithm An Example of Real Enzymatic Reactions Simulated with Gillespie Algorithm Graph Theory and Physics Meet Network Biology Physics at the Birth of Network Biology Mutual Information-Based Network Inference Thermodynamics Applications in Biological Network Analysis Electronic Physics Applications in Network Analysis Assessment of Network Inference Methods and the Issue of Generation of Gold-Standard Data Network Biology is Transformed by Physics Applied Descriptors for Complexity and Centrality to Network Biology Network Theory Measures for Network Complexity and Centrality Comparative Network Analysis Applications Perspectives Systems Theory and Quantum Physics Various Recapitulation Exercises References
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