Urban Enigma

Urban Enigma

Time, Autonomy, and Postcolonial Transformations in Latin America

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Introduction Chapter 1. Time, Space, Hierarchies: The Production of Latin America Chapter 2. The City as an Archive Chapter 3. Latin America's Urban Geographies: The Apogee of the Twentieth Century's Urban Enigma Chapter 4. Buenos Aires, A European Door in The Americas: The 'Argentine Pavilion' and The Making of The Nation (1880-1946) Chapter 5. Post-Revolutionary Mexico City: The Palace of Public Education and The Perfect Race (1920-1960) Chapter 6. Brasilia, a Futuristic Dream: Three Powers Plaza and the Modernist Democracy (1956-1964) Conclusion Bibliography
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Geography; Global South; Imagination; Latin Americal Political Philosophy; Materiality; Postcolonial; Sociopolitical Geographies