Prehistory of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Prehistory of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Towards an Integrative Interdisciplinary Framework


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IntroductionTitle: Aims, scope and contents of the bookAuthors: Valenti Rull, Christopher M. Stevenson, Thegn Ladefoged Part I. Transpacific voyaging and settlement Chapter 1Title: Southern Ocean climate influence on trans-eastern pacific voyaging and colonization of Easter IslandAuthors: Ian D. Goodwin, Stuart A. Browning Chapter 2Title: Computer simulation of the ocean voyages required for the colonization of Rapa NuiAuthors: John Temmen, Alvaro Montenegro, Valenti Rull Chapter 3Title: Ahu Nau Nau re-visited: new perspectives on old problems at Anakena, RapaNuiAuthors: Paul Wallin, Helene Martinsson-Wallin Chapter 4Title: Geological processes determining the human occupation of Rapa NuiAuthors: Alberto Saez, Olga Margalef, Santiago Giralt, Sergi Pla, Laura Becerril, Christian Herrera, James Goff Chapter 5Title: Sweet potato in Easter Island: insights from a monographic study of the genus IpomoeaAuthors: Pablo Munoz-Rodriguez, Robert Scotland Chapter 6Title: Appraisal of the origins and timing of Rapa Nui's early settlementAuthor: Claudio Cristino, Patricia Vargas Chapter 7Title: Prehistoric genetic and cultural relationships between Easter Island and Tiwanaku (Bolivia, Titikaka Lake Altiplano)Authors: Antonio Arnaiz Chapter 8Title: mtDNA from chickens and how this relates to human settlement of the PacificAuthors: Jeremy Austin Part II. The ancient Rapanui culture Chapter 9Title: An assessment of refuge caves (ana kionga) on Rapa NuiAuthors: Christopher M. Stevenson, Juan G. Borrega, Jose M. Ramirez Chapter 10Title: Vinapu area revisitedAuthors: Helene Martinsson-Wallin Chapter 11Title: Crematoria and cremations in Rapa Nui traditional societyAuthors: Helene Martinsson-Wallin Chapter 12Title: Health and diet of ancient Easter Islanders: contribution from bioarchaeologyAuthors: Caroline Polet Chapter 13Title: Undelivered moai or unidentified monument?Authors: Nicolas Cauwe, Morgan De Dapper Chapter 14Title: Reconstructions and condemnations of cult platformsAuthors: Nicolas Cauwe Chapter 15Title: Palms for the archaeologistAuthor: David W. Ingersoll, Kathleen B. Ingersoll Chapter 16Title: Rano Raraku quarry excavationsAuthor: Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Mads Ravn, Casey R. Barrier, Alice Horn Chapter 17Title: Microstratigraphy in Rano Raraku: implications for slope development and site formation in the moai quarryAuthor: Sarah C. Sherwood, Jo Anne Van Tilburg Chapter 18Title: History intrinsic in Rapanui and Maori cultural traditions, and the revitalization of waka horua (canoe voyaging) and traditional celestial navigationAuthors: Kate Souness et al. Chapter 19Title: Geological origin and geomorphology of the Rano Raraku landform - providing context for human land use and archaeological studyAuthor: Richard K. Dunn Chapter 20Title: The influence of climate, lava weathering and rock gardens on Easter island's rock-derived soil nutrientsAuthors: Oliver Chadwick, Nina Bringham, Cedric Puleston, Thegn Ladefoged, Peter Vitousek, Sonia Haoa, Christopher M. Stevenson Chapter 21Title: Pollen, phytolith, and starch evidence for agricultural plants on Rapa NuiAuthor: Linda S. Cummings Part III. Climatic and environmental change Chapter 22Title: Prehistoric paleoecology of Easter Island: historical account and a synthesis of the main contributionsAuthor: Valenti Rull Chapter 23Title: Climatology of Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua, Easter Island) ChileAuthors: Raymond S. Bradley, Henry F. Diaz, William J. D'Andrea, Liang Ning Chapter 24Title: Changing environment and the socio-ecological evolution of Easter IslandAuthor: David A. Sear, Melinda Allen, Pete Langdon, Alex Morrison, Justin Sheffield, John Dearing Chapter 25Title: Easter Island past hydrological balance as inferred from Rano Aroi pound record: clarifying the role of the ENSO phasesAuthors: Bruno Malaize, Thierry Delcroix, Anne-Marie Semah, Thibaut Caley, Isabelle Billy, Michel Orliac, Sonia Haoa Cardinali, Christine Hatte, Rodrigo Abarca del Rio, Anne-Laure Daniau, Charlotte Skonieczny, Catherine Orliac Chapter 26Title: Lipid-based records of hydroclimate change during the occupancy period of Rapa NuiAuthors: William J. D'Andrea, Raymond S. Bradley, Andrea Seelenfreund, Nuria Canellas-Bolta, Olga Margalef, Santiago Giralt, Alberto Saez, Sergi Pla-Rabes, Valenti Rull Part IV. Deforestation and extinctions Chapter 27Title: Economic causes and consequences of deforestation on Easter Island (alternative: Open-access resources and the rise and fall of Easter Island)Author: James Brander Chapter 28Title: Spatial and temporal patterns of deforestation and other socioecological features of Easter IslandAuthor: Peter Steiglechner, Esteban Acevedo-Trejos, Agostino Merico Chapter 29Title: Flora of Easter Island - past and presentAuthor: Georg Zizka Chapter 30Title: Interpreting past terrestrial ecosystems of Rapa Nui: documenting palaeoecological proxies for biodiversity changeAuthors: Matthew Prebble, Nuria Canellas-Bolta, Olga Margalef, Mark Horrocks, Dorren Bowdery, Dave McWethy, Valenti Rull Chapter 31Title: Morphological changes of the Te Niu landscape from AD 1300 to the mid-19th centuryAuthor: Joan A. Wozniak Part V. Collapse or resilience? Chapter 32Title: Population dynamic principles applied to Rapa Nui human fluctuationsAuthors: Mauricio Lima, Eugenia M. Gayo, Sergio A. Estay, Nils C. Stenseth Chapter 33Title: Environmental change and cultural continuity - the extraordinary achievements of the Rapa Nui society after deforestationAuthors: Andreas Mieth, Burkhad Vogt, Annette Kulhem, Hans-Rudolf Bork Chapter 34Title: Malthusian models and population history of Rapa NuiAuthors: Carl L. Lipo, Robert DiNapoli, Terry L. Hunt Chapter 35Title: The population dynamics of Rapa Nui (Easter Island): synthesizing advances from the fields of archaeology, demography and ecologyAuthor: Cedric O. Puleston, Thegn Ladefoged Chapter 36Title: What did collapse on Rapa Nui before European contact?Author: Claudio Cristino, Patricia Vargas Chapter 37Title: Modeling the Easter Island population and ecology with uncertainty and Bayesian parameter inferenceAuthor: William Basener Part VI. European contact Chapter 38Title: The struggle to be Rapanui: some sharp points about remote Easter IslandAuthor: Grant McCall Chapter 39Title: First contact and after: social, political, and cultural change on Rapa Nui 1722-1900Author: Joshua Pollard, Kate Welham
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Rapa Nui;Prehistory;Settlement;Deforestation;Cultural shift;Climatic and environmental change;Extinction;Ethnobotany;Phylogeography;Biogeography;Paleoclimatology