Cambridge Companion to George Eliot

Cambridge Companion to George Eliot


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction - George Eliot and the art of realism Nancy Henry and George Levine; 2. A woman of many names Rosemarie Bodenheimer; 3. Marian Evans's journalism Fionnuala Dillane; 4. George Eliot and her publishers Donald Gray; 5. The early novels Josephine McDonagh; 6. The later novels Alexander Welsh; 7. George Eliot and money Dermot Coleman; 8. George Eliot and gender Kate Flint; 9. George Eliot and politics Nancy Henry; 10. George Eliot and science Amy M. King; 11. George Eliot and religion Barry V. Qualls; 12. George Eliot and philosophy Suzy Anger; 13. George Eliot's reputation Margaret Harris; Guide to further reading Allison Clymer.