Smart Policies for Societies in Transition

Smart Policies for Societies in Transition

The Innovation Challenge of Inclusion, Resilience and Sustainability

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Contents: 1 Towards a smart society? Innovation policy and the challenges of social inclusion, environmental resilience and sustainable growth 1 Mats Benner, Sylvia Schwaag Serger and Goeran Marklund 2 A smart green direction for innovation: the answer to unemployment and inequality? 21 Carlota Perez and Tamsin Murray Leach 3 The importance of post-modern science policy 48 Arie Rip 4 What past changes in Swedish policy tell us about developing third-generation research and innovation governance 59 Erik Arnold and Katharine E. Barker 5 Masculinity and nationhood: cultural roots for the "head in the clouds and feet on the ground" research in China 87 Chadwick Wang 6 Funding transformative research - rationale and impacts 115 Terttu Luukkonen 7 Towards transformative policy in Finland and Sweden: some viewpoints from practice 143 Sylvia Schwaag Serger and Christopher Palmberg 8 The integrative humanities - and the third research policy regime 189 Anders Ekstroem and Sverker Soerlin 9 Foundations and the new renewal of research 213 Pauline Mattsson and Mats Benner 10 Decision-making in a time of spin and unspoken values 228 Nils-Eric Sahlin and Sylvia Schwaag Serger Index
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Resilience; Governance; Science and innovation policy; Disruption; Inclusion; Sustainability