Safe Water and Sanitation for a Healthier World

Safe Water and Sanitation for a Healthier World

A Global View of Progress Towards SDG 6

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Chapter 1.- Introduction. Chapter 2.- Possibilities and scenarios for the fulfillment of the SDGs of water and sanitation in Latin America. Chapter 3.- The challenges and opportunities of financing the water and sanitation sector from the perspective of meeting the SDG 6 targets in Africa. Chapter 4.- Gaps and Opportunities in reaching SDG6 targets in Russia. Chapter 5.- Water and sanitation developments in China. Chapter 6.- Readiness of Solomon Islands in meeting SDGs in water and sanitation. Chapter 7.- National WATSAN targets and milestones towards achieving SDG 6 by 2030 in Sri Lanka. Chapter 8.- Investigating measures to get the Caribbean Region on track to meet water and sanitation targets by 2030. Chapter 9.- Problems facing developed countries: the case of Australia. Chapter 10.- Water and health in remote Indigenous communities in developed countries. Chapter 11.- Sustainable safe water and sanitation interventions in remote Ghanaian Communities. Chapter 12.- Sanitation in transition: Prospects for a sustainable sanitation business. Chapter 13.- SDG6 and its interlinkages with other SDGs and integrating SDGs in policy and practice: Uganda case study. Chapter 14.- Conclusion and beyond 2030.
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Clean drinking water;Sanitation services;Hygiene;Wastewater;Water resources management