Researching Social Life

Researching Social Life


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FOUNDATIONS AND FIRST STEPS Conceptualising Social Life - Geoff Cooper and Robert Meadows Research, Theory and Method - Nigel Gilbert Formulating and Refining a Research Question - Nicola Green and Paul Stoneman Conducting Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences - Karen Bullock and Daniel McCarthy CHOOSING YOUR RESEARCH STRATEGY Quantitative Research - Paul Stoneman and Ian Brunton-Smith Grounded Theory and Inductive Research - Paul Hodkinson Mixed Methods - Victoria D. Alexander, Hilary Thomas, Ann Cronin, Jane Fielding and Jo Moran-Ellis Participatory Approaches to Social Research - Christina Silver Evaluation Research - Mike McGuire International Comparative Research - Linda Hantrais The Ethics of Social Research - Janet Boddy COLLECTING DATA Designing and Collecting Survey Samples - Patrick Sturgis Questionnaire Design - Charles Leddy-Owen Measuring Attitudes - Thomas J. Scotto Qualitative Interviewing - Nigel Fielding and Hilary Thomas Focus Groups - Ann Cronin Ethnography - Nigel Fielding The Internet and Research Methods - Christine Hine ANALYSING DATA Coding and Managing Data - Jane Fielding Analysing Survey Data - Paul Stoneman Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) - Ann Lewins Thematic Analysis - Alexander Seal Narrative Analysis - Sarah Earthy, Alexandra Cuncev and Ann Cronin Applying Conversation Analysis and Membership Categorisation Analysis to Qualitative Data - Andrew King and Lorraine Locke Analysing Visual Materials - Victoria D. Alexander Digital Social Research - Christine Hine WRITING ABOUT SOCIAL RESEARCH AND ITS IMPACT Writing about Social Research - Nigel Gilbert The Impact of Social Research - Paul Stoneman and Nigel Gilbert
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