Polymer Nanocomposites in Biomedical Engineering

Polymer Nanocomposites in Biomedical Engineering

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A fundamental approach towards polymers and polymer composites: Current trends for biomedical applications- Processing and characterization of polymer composites- Synthesis of bio-based polymers composites fabrication, fillers, properties and challenges- Polypeptide, DNA and RNA Nanocomposites synthesis and their use in Biomedical engineering- Amorphous, Thermoplastic and Semi-crystalline polymer Nanocomposites applied in biomedical engineering- Biomedical applications of hydroxyapatite nanocomposites- Biomedical applications of polymeric nanofibers composites- Shape memory and electroactive polymer composites in biomedical field- Biomedical sensor, device and measurement based on polymer composites- Multifunctional lipid-based polymer composites for in vivo imaging tissue healing, cell rejuvenation and theranostics- Polymer composites, hydrogels and its 3D printing technology in biomedical engineering-Prostheses and artificial skin tissues implimentations- Polymer composites Strategies in cancer therapy, Augment stem cell osteogenesis, diagnostics in the central nervous system and drug delivery- Design of polymer hydrogels for controlled drug release applications- Clinical usage of polymer composite and its safety implementation.
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