Patenting Biotechnical Innovation

Patenting Biotechnical Innovation

Eligibility, Ethics and Public Interest

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Contents: 1 Introduction - patenting biotechnical innovation: in the public interest? 1 Naomi Hawkins 2 Patent eligibility and precision medicine: emerging technologies, legal flux and empirical methods 19 Andrew Sagar, Kathleen Liddell, Johnathon Liddicoat and Mateo Aboy 3 Non-invasive prenatal testing and the resilience of the patent system 43 Dianne Nicol and Jane Nielsen 4 Patentability of biofabricated human organs: 'products of nature' or 'products derived from nature' revisited 69 Pheh Hoon Lim and Phoebe Li 5 A problem of interpretation: is Article 53(a) EPC necessarily restrictive of emerging technologies? 90 Ella O'Sullivan 6 Invoking the public interest in the European patent system 110 Karen Walsh 7 Repositioning the access to healthcare debate: FRAND and the Internet of Medical Things 137 Alison Slade 8 Accounting for ethical considerations in the licensing of patented biotechnologies and health-related technologies: a justification 164 Aisling McMahon 9 Patents and the public interest: a multi-faceted approach 197 Naomi Hawkins Index
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Patent law; public interest; biotechnology; ethics; patent balance; access to technology