Neptune: From Grand Discovery to a World Revealed

Neptune: From Grand Discovery to a World Revealed

Essays on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of John Couch Adams

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Author BiographiesPreface - Allan ChapmanIntroduction: A Century and a Half of Discovery and Controversy - William SheehanChapter 1 Preliminaries to the Neptune Discovery: Newtonian Gravitational Theory - William SheehanChapter 2 Planetary Discoveries Before Neptune: From William Herschel to the "Celestial Police" - William Sheehan and Clifford J. CunninghamChapter 3 John Couch Adams: From Cornwall to Cambridge - Brian Sheen and Carolyn KennettChapter 4 John Couch Adams: From the Making of a Senior Wrangler to the Quest for an Unknown Planet - William SheehanChapter 5 Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier: Predictions Leading to the Discovery of Neptune- James LequeuxChapter 6 "That Star is not on the Map": the German Discovery - Davor KrajnovicChapter 7 Clashing Interests: The Cambridge Network, Challis's Search, and a Storm of International Controversies - Robert W. SmithChapter 8 Lassell Discovers the Satellite, and the Strange Case of Neptune's "Ring" - Robert W. Smith and Richard Baum Chapter 9 Neptune's Orbit: Triggering a Reassessment of Celestial Mechanics - William Sheehan and Kenneth YoungChapter 10 Neptune Visited and the Outer Solar System Revolutionised, 1989-2019 - William Sheehan
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