Nanotheranostics for Cancer Applications

Nanotheranostics for Cancer Applications


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Part I: Introduction to Cancer and Nanotechnology 1. Introduction (Praveena Velpurisiva, Janel L. Kydd, Rahul Jadia, *Stephanie A. Morris, and *Prakash Rai) 2. Biological Events and Barriers to Effective Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics (Erica N. Bozeman and *Lily Yang) 3. Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics (*Uma Prabhakar, Yalia Jayalakshmi, and C. Katherine Wang) 4. Nanomedicine in Cancer (Liang Ma, Phuong Le, Manish Kohli, and *Andrew M. Smith) 5. Theranostics: A Historical Perspective of Cancer Nanotechnology Paving the Way for Simultaneous Use Applications, (Christopher M. Hartshorn and *Stephanie A. Morris) Part II: Cancer Nanodiagnostics and Nanotherapeutics 6. In Vitro Cancer Diagnostics (Jung-Rok Lee, Chi Chun Ooi, and *Shan X. Wang) 7. Translational Nanodiagnostics for In Vivo Cancer Detection (*Christina H. Liu, *Pushpa Tandon, and Luisa M. Russell) 8. Delivery of Cancer Nanotherapeutics (Bomy Lee Chung, Joseph Kaplinsky, Robert Langer, and *Nazila Kamaly) 9. Oral Nanotherapeutics for Cancer with Innovations in Lipid and Polymeric Nanoformulations (Alexander J. Donovan and *Ying Liu), 10. Topical and Transdermal Nanomedicines for Cancer Therapy (Yanqi Ye, Jinqiang Wang, Wujin Sun, Hunter N. Bomba, and *Zhen Gu) 11. Cancer Nanotherapeutics Administered by Non-Conventional Routes (Kyle C. Roche, Yusra Betul Medik, Zach Rodgers, Sam Warner, and *Andrew Z. Wang) Part III: Regulatory Considerations for Nanomaterial Drug Products 12. Regulatory Considerations for Cancer Drug Products Containing Nanomaterials (Mamta Kapoor, Kathryn Hughes, and *Katherine M. Tyner) 13. Perspectives for Characterizing Drug Component of Theranostic Products Containing Nanomaterials (*Christie Sayes and Anthony Hickey) Part IV: Cancer Nanotheranostics 14. Engineering Multifunctional Nanomedicine Platforms for Drug Delivery and Imaging (James Grant, Mana Naeim, Youngshin Lee, Darron Miya, Theodore Kee, and *Dean Ho) 15. Image-Guided Drug Delivery (Camila Gadens Zamboni, Keyvan Farahani, and *Jordan J. Green) 16. Nanotheranostics-Based Imaging for Cancer Treatment Monitoring (Tianxin Miao, Rachael A. Oldinski, *Gang Liu, and *Xiaoyuan Chen) 17. Remotely-Triggered Nanotheranostics (Abdul K. Parchur, Jaidip M. Jagtap, Gayatri Sharma, Venkateswara Gogineni, *Sarah B. White, and *Amit Joshi) 18. Concluding Remarks and the Future of Nanotheranostics (Janel L. Kydd, Praveena Velpurisiva, *Stephanie A. Morris, and *Prakash Rai)
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