Muscular and Skeletal Anomalies in Human Trisomy in an Evo-Devo Context

Muscular and Skeletal Anomalies in Human Trisomy in an Evo-Devo Context

Description of a T18 Cyclopic Fetus and Comparison Between Edwards (T18), Patau (T13) and Down (T21) Syndromes Using 3-D Imaging and Anatomical Illustrations

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Topics and purpose of this book. The musculoskeletal system of a 28-week human Trisomy 18 cyclopia fetus. Comparative anatomy of muscular anomalies of Trisomies 13, 18, and 21. Cyclopia, trisomic anomalies, and order versus chaos in development and evolution. Digits and muscles: topology-directed muscle attachment. Evolutionary theory and mouse models for Down syndrome. Appendix A - Dissection photographs of Trisomy 18 human cyclopia fetus. Appendix B - 3-D renders of Trisomy 18 human cyclopia fetus CT scan data. References. Index.
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