Molecular Science of Fluctuations Toward Biological Functions

Molecular Science of Fluctuations Toward Biological Functions

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Time-resolved detection of protein fluctuations during reactions.- Pressure perturbation: A prime tool to study conformational substates and volume fluctuations of biomolecular assemblies.- Watching a signaling protein function in real time via picosecond time-resolved Laue crystallography.- NMR explorations of biomolecular systems with rapid conformational exchanges.- Site-specific incorporation of fluorescent nonnatural amino acids in-to proteins and its application to fluorescence analysis of proteins.- Unfoldomes and unfoldomics: introducing intrinsically disordered proteins.- Structure, dynamics and function of staphylococcal nuclease.- Theory of molecular recognition and structural fluctuation of biomolecules.- Structural fluctuations of proteins in folding and ligand docking studied by replica-exchange simulations.- Spatio-temporal fluctuations of protein folding in living cells.- Membrane-targeted nanotherapy with hybrid liposomes for cancer cells leading to apoptosis.- Anti-tumor complexes formed by oleic acid and molten globule intermediates of proteins.
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