Modeling, Characterization and Production of Nanomaterials

Modeling, Characterization and Production of Nanomaterials

Electronics, Photonics and Energy Applications


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Part One: Modeling techniques and structure and property modeling for nanomaterials 1. Multiscale modeling of nanomaterials: recent developments and future prospects, 2. Multiscale Green's functions for modeling of nanomaterials 3. Numerical simulation of nanoscale systems and materials Part Two: Characterization techniques for nanomaterials 4. TEM studies of nanostructures 5. Characterization of strains and defects in nanomaterials by diffraction techniques 6. Recent advances in thermal analysis of nanoparticles: methods, models and kinetics 7. Raman spectroscopy and molecular simulation studies of graphitic nanomaterials 8. Carbon-based nanomaterials 9. Atomic behavior and structural evolution of alloy nanoparticles during thermodynamic processes Part Three: Structure and properties of nanomaterials: modeling and its experimental applications 10. Metallic nanoparticles for catalysis applications 11. Physical approaches to tuning luminescence process of colloidal quantum dots and applications in optoelectronic devices 12. Growth of GaN-based nanorod heterostructures (core-shell) for optoelectronics and their nanocharacterization 13. Graphene photonic structures 14. Nanophotonics: From quantum confinement to collective interactions in metamaterial heterostructures 15. Plasma deposition and characterization technologies for structural and coverage optimization of materials for nanopatterned devices 16. Calculation of bandgaps in nanomaterials using Harbola-Sahni and van Leeuwen-Baerends potentials 17. Modeling and simulation of nanomaterials in fluids: nanoparticle self-assembly 18. Atomistic modeling of nanostructured materials for novel energy application 19. The mechanical and electronic properties of two-dimensional superlattices 20. Nanostructured two-dimensional materials
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