Literature, Belief and Knowledge in Early Modern England

Literature, Belief and Knowledge in Early Modern England

Knowing Faith


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1. Crossroads of Knowledge: Literature and Theology - Subha Mukherji.- 2. Erasmus on Literature and Knowledge - Brian Cummings.- 3. The Hermeneutics of Richard Hooker's Defence of the "Sensible Excellencie" of Public Worship' - W. J. Torrance Kirby.- 4. Seeing and Believing: Thomas Traherne's Poetic Language and the Reading Eye' - Jane Partner.- 5. The Absence of Epistemology, or Drama and Divinity before Descartes - Debora Shuger.- 6. 'Qui enim securus est, minime securus est': The Paradox of Securitas in Luther and Beyond' - Giles Waller.- 7. Allegory and Religious Fanaticism: Spenser's Organs of Divine Might - Ross Lerner.- 8. What the Nose Knew: Renaissance Theologies of Smell - Sophie Read.- 9. Nosce Teipsum: The Senses of Self-knowledge in Early Modern England - Elizabeth L. Swann.- 10. Knowing and Forgiving - Regina Schwarz.- 11. How to Do Things with Belief - Ethan Shagan.- 12. Locke's Cicero: Between Moral Knowledge and Faith - Tim Stuart-Buttle.- 13. Afterword - Rowan Williams.
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