Leibniz's Naturalized Philosophy of Mind

Leibniz's Naturalized Philosophy of Mind

Oxford University Press






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Introduction Part I: Leibniz's Naturalizing Project 1: Nature and Natures 2: Naturalizing Constraints: Equipollence and Continuity 3: The Intelligibility of Nature Part II: The Metaphysical Basis of Minds 4: Substance and Force 5: Living Mirrors: Expression and Perception 6: Perceptual Distinctness and Mental Activity Part III: Mind in the Natural Order 7: Perception, Consciousness, and Continuity 8: Looking Back: Memory and Consciousness 9: Looking Forward: Appetite and Desire Part IV: The Prerogative of Minds 10: Rational Beings and Animal Souls 11: Moral Identity and the Appearance of the Self 12: Self-Reflection, Perception, and Conceptual Thought Conclusion
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