Landscapes of War in Greek and Roman Literature

Landscapes of War in Greek and Roman Literature

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List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction (Marian W. Makins, Temple University, USA, and Bettina Reitz-Joosse, Groningen University, The Netherlands) Part I Perception and Experience of War Landscapes 1. Homer's Landscape of War: Spatial Mental Model and Cognitive Collage (Elizabeth Minchin, Australian National University, Australia) 2. War, Weather and Landscape in Livy's Ab urbe Condita (Virginia Fabrizi, Independent Researcher, Italy) 3. The Challenge of Historiographic Enargeia and the Battle of Lake Trasimene (Andrew Feldherr, Princeton University, USA) Part II Landscapes of Ruin and Recovery 4. The Problems with Agricultural Recovery in Lucan's Civil War Narrative (Laura Zientek, Reed College, USA) 5. Landscapes in Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus and the Poetry of the First World War (William Brockliss, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) 6. Dissenting Voices in Propertius' Post-war Landscapes (Marian W. Makins, Temple University, USA) Part III Controlling Landscapes and the Symbolism of Power 7. Justifying Civil War: Interactions between Caesar and the Italian Landscape in Lucan's Rubicon Passage (BC1.183-235) (Esther Meijer, Durham University, UK) 8. Writing a Landscape of Defeat: The Romans in Parthia (Bettina Reitz-Joosse, University of Groningen, the Netherlands) 9. Landscape and Character in Herodian's History of the Roman Empire: The War between Niger and Severus (Karine Laporte, Leiden University, the Netherlands) Part IV Memory in War Landscapes 10. Seascapes of War: Herodotus' Littoral Gaze on the Battle of Salamis (Janric van Rookhuijzen, Leiden University, The Netherlands) 11. War in a Landscape: The Dardanelles from Homer to Gallipoli (C. J. Mackie, La Trobe University, Australia) 12. Mutable Monuments and Mutable Memories in Lucan's Bellum Civile and the Former Yugoslavia (Jesse Weiner, Hamilton College, USA) Notes Bibliography Index
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