Ion Channels and Calcium Signaling in the Microcirculation

Ion Channels and Calcium Signaling in the Microcirculation

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1. Introduction to ion channels and calcium signaling in the microcirculation William F. Jackson 2. Ion channels and the regulation of myogenic tone in peripheral arterioles William F. Jackson 3. Endothelial inwardly-rectifying K+ channels as a key component of shear stress-induced mechanotransduction Ibra S. Fancher and Irena Levitan 4. Endothelial TRPV4 channels and vasodilator reactivity Yen-Lin Chen and Swapnil K. Sonkusare 5. Regulation of vascular tone by transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 channels Pratish Thakore, Sher Ali and Scott Earley 6. Regulation of ion channels in the microcirculation by mineralocorticoid receptor activation Laura Chambers and Anne M. Dorrance 7. Ion channels and myogenic activity in retinal arterioles Peter Barabas, Josy Augustine, Jose A. Fernandez, J. Graham McGeown, Mary K. McGahon and Tim M. Curtis 8. KIR channels in the microvasculature: Regulatory properties and the lipid-hemodynamic environment Maria Sancho and Donald G. Welsh 9. Ion channels in capillary endothelium Daniela C. G. Garcia and Thomas A. Longden 10. Excitability and contractility in arterioles and venules from the urinary bladder Nathan R. Tykocki and Frederick C. Monson 11. Intrinsic regulation of microvascular tone by myoendothelial feedback circuits Hamish A.L. Lemmey, Christopher J. Garland and Kim A. Dora
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Microcirculation; resistance arteries; arterioles; capillaries; vascular smooth muscle cells; endothelial cells; vasodilation; vasoconstriction; ion channels; calcium ions; blood flow