Handbook on the Tourist Experience

Handbook on the Tourist Experience

Design, Marketing and Management

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Contents: 1 Introduction to the Handbook on the Tourist Experience: Design, Marketing and Management 1 Dora Agapito, Kyle Maurice Woosnam and Manuel Alector Ribeiro PART I TOURISM EXPERIENCE: DESIGN AND MARKETING MANAGEMENT 2 The customer and tourist experience? Conceptual convergence or divergence 15 Girish Prayag 3 Senses, consumer behaviour and tourism experiences design 29 Ly Tran-Ha and Dora Agapito 4 Colour as a brand-related stimulus in the scope of destination brand experience design: an overview 49 Manuela Guerreiro and Joana Lessa 5 Flow experience and emotions in tourism 61 Nelson Manuel da Silva deMatos, Paulo Alexandre de Oliveira Duarte and Elisabete Sampaio de Sa 6 Unique stories for unique brands: appealing to the hotel guest experience through digital storytelling 73 Ana Claudia Campos and Sofia Almeida 7 Interpretation design and management: creating dark heritage edutainment experiences 85 Brianna Wyatt 8 Improving the tourist experience at World Heritage Sites: how to explore motivations using expenditure-based segmentation 102 Noemi Marujo, Jaime Serra, Joana Lima and Maria do Rosario Borges 9 A practical framework for designing creative tourism experiences 118 Shu Hua Chang 10 Experimental design and tourist experiences 136 Shynar Dyussembayeva, Stephanie Q. Liu and Giampaolo Viglia PART II RESPONSIBLE MANAGERIAL APPROACHES TO TOURISM EXPERIENCES 11 The responsible management of ecotourism experiences: exploring ecotourism selfies 151 Gianna Moscardo 12 Perceived visitor impacts of cultural heritage tourism: the role of place attachment in memorable visitor experiences 166 Haywantee Ramkissoon 13 Tourist well-being, experience and behaviours: a positive psychological perspective 176 Sera Vada and Catherine Prentice 14 Over-tourism impacts on residents' emotions and feelings towards tourists: the case of Macau 195 Hio Kuan Lai, Patricia Pinto and Pedro Pintassilgo 15 Overtourism and children's experiences: analysis and perspective 210 Hugues Seraphin and Maximiliano Korstanje 16 Managing destination experience design for tourists with disabilities: ICT and accessibility 226 Chung-Shing Chan and Dora Agapito 17 Halal tourism experiences: the challenge of diversity and innovation 246 Alfonso Vargas-Sanchez and Maria Moral-Moral PART III MANAGING AND MARKETING EXPERIENCES: SPECIAL-INTEREST TOURISM 18 The role of virtual reality in enhancing tourists' happiness in the context of special-interest tourism 264 Hyunae Lee and Namho Chung 19 Last-chance tourism intentions explained through an amended theory of planned behaviour model 278 Kyle Maurice Woosnam, Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Tara Joyce Denley and Evan J. Jordan 20 Tourism and enogastronomy experiences: a phenomenological study 294 Luigina Jessica Montano, Manuel Alector Ribeiro and Kyle Maurice Woosnam 21 Wine tourist experiences in rural areas 315 Elisabeth Kastenholz, Carlos Peixeira Marques and Maria Joao Carneiro 22 Creative tourism: nurturing creative self-expression and social interactivity 331 Nancy Duxbury and Tiago Vinagre de Castro 23 Antecedents to religious festival visitors' loyalty: the role of memorable experiences, religious faith, emotion and satisfaction 350 Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Vidya Patwardhan, Kyle Maurice Woosnam and K. Thirugnanasambantham 24 Explaining festival loyalty through motivations, perceived value, and satisfaction: the moderating role of gender 369 Valsaraj Payini, Kyle Maurice Woosnam, Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Vasanth Kamath, Jyothi Mallya and Joseph Barr Index
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Tourist experience; tourism experience design; tourism experience management; tourism experience marketing; responsible tourism experience management