Handbook on Corruption, Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration

Handbook on Corruption, Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration

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Contents: 1 Corruption and Public Administration Adam Graycar Part 1: Public administration and its vulnerabilities 2. Trends and drivers of public administration in the 21st century Zeger van der Wal 3. Typologies of anti-corruption frameworks Jean-Patrick Villeneuve, Giulia Mugellini and Marlen Heide 4. Virtue and morality in public administration: Values driven leadership in public sector agencies Michael Macaulay 5. Anti-Corruption and Its Discontents: Reforming Reform Michael Johnston 6. Dealing with the dark side of policy making: Corruption, malfeasance and the volatility of policy mixes Michael Howlett 7. Corruption of public officials by organised crime: Understanding the risks, and exploring the solutions. Russell G Smith, Tony Oberman and Georgina Fuller Part 2: Corruption in sectors 8. Redefining sectors: a more focussed approach to tackling corruption. Mark Pyman 9. Corruption and administration in health care Taryn Vian 10. Corruption in the education secto Stephen Heyneman 11. Corruption and administration in local government Allan Yates 12. Curbing Corruption in Tax Administration with Enhanced Risk Mapping of Business Processes Tuan Minh Le and Beytullah Sarican 13. Corruption and administration in environmental protection Rob White 14. Studying Police Integrit Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic 15. Prison corruption: an ecological framework Andrew Goldsmith 16.Corruption in border administration David Jancsics Part 3: Case studies from around the world 17. Features of corruption and anti-corruption work in China and India Lina Vyas and Alfred Wu 18. Corruption in Lithuania: between institutions and perceptions Egle Butkeviciene, Egle Vaidelyte, Vaidas Morkevicius 19. Public Administration and Corruption: A comparative case study of Police Services in Ghana and Uganda Donna Harris and Mesharch Walto Katusiimeh 20. Corruption, Organized Crime and the Public Sector in Mexico Bonnie J. Palifka 21. Public Administration and Integrity in South Africa: The case of the National Prosecuting Authority Marianne Camerer 22. Corruption, Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration in Ukraine Speedy Rice, Alora Jiang Artem Shaipov 23. Catharsis and Reform: an Australian example of building institutional integrity following systemic corruption Ken Smith 24. Corruption and Public Administration in Croatia Gordana Marcetic and Suncana Roksandic Vidlicka 25. Singapore's Effective Anti-Corruption Recipe: Lessons for other Countries Jon S.T. Quah 26. The Netherlands: an impression of corruption in a less corrupt country Willeke Slingerland and Gjalt de Graaf Part 4 Responses to corruption in public administration 27. What works: global experiences in public administration Anga R. Timilsina and Charlene Lui 28. Regulating Conflicts of Interest in Public Office Elizabeth David-Barrett 29. Whistleblowers counteracting institutional corruption in public administration Marianna Fotaki 30. Criminological responses to corruption Emile Kolthoff 31. Building ethical organisations: The importance of organizational integrity systems Leo Huberts and Andre van Montfort 32. From anti-corruption to building integrity Nikolas Kirby Index
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