Handbook of Research Methods on Creativity

Handbook of Research Methods on Creativity


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Contents: Introduction Viktor Doerfler and Marc Stierand 1. Evolution of a Research Program on Creativity Robert J. Sternberg 2. Subjectivity in the Creativity Research Mark A. Runco 3. It's All About Context: Research Methods of the Multi-Context Framework of Creative Leadership Ronit Kark, Olga Epitropaki and Charalampos Mainemelis 4. A Bourdieusian perspective on studying creativity Marie-Leadre Gomez and Isabelle Bouty 5. Reflections on the Ontological Mythologies of Creativity Alexander Kofinas and Sandar Win 6. Role of Intuition in Creativity Research - Open Agenda Marta Sinclair and Fabrizio Maimone 7. Abductive Reasoning, Creativity and the Logic of Intuition Eugene Sadler-Smith and Tim Wray 8. A process-philosophical approach to researching creativity-in-practice Robert Chia 9. Creativity between the lines: creative problem-solving in multi-level survey research Nicole Rosenkranz and Michiel Tempelaar 10. A pragmatic inquiry into creativity theories Laureline Chiapello 11. The Consensual Assessment Technique John Baer 12. The Story of Storytelling: How Walter Benjamin might approach a creative research method? David M. Boje 13. Ethnography of creativity: looking through a Practice lens Christian Grahle and Paul Hibbert 14. The Importance of Case Studies and the Evolving Systems Approach Michael Hanchett Hanson and Vlad Petre Gla veanu 15. Metaphor - Key to Enhancing Meta-Creativity and Researcher Reflexivity Heather Cairns-Lee 16. Rich picture: a systems technique for studying creativity Jose-Rodrigo Cordoba-Pachon 17. Creative Confidence Beliefs: A Closer Look Ronald A. Beghetto and Maciej Karwowski 18. Meta-analytic research on creativity: Challenges and Solutions Selcuk Acar, Uzeyir Ogurlu and Mark A. Runco 19. On a scale from 1-5... Creativity Survey Scales Kerrie Unsworth and Mark Robinson 20. Creativity as a Driver of Innovation: Measuring the Impact of Human Capital in Organisations David H. Cropley and Arthur J. Cropley 21. Creativity Equals Creativity - Or Does It? How Creativity is Measured Influences Our Understanding of Creativity Roni Reiter-Palmon and Madison Schoenbeck 22. Leading Creative Efforts: Historiometric and Experimental Methods Michael D. Mumford and Cory Higgs 23. Verbal protocol analysis as a tool to understand the creative process Paul T. Sowden, Andrew Pringle and Matthew Peacock 24. A Methodological Essay on the Application of Social Sequence Analysis to the Study of Creative Trajectories Giovanni Formilan, Simone Ferriani and Gino Cattani 25. Necessary Condition Analysis in Creativity Research Jan Dul, Maciej Karwowski and James Kaufman Index
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Business methods; Creativity; Creativity Research; Innovation; Research Methods