Handbook of Intuition Research as Practice

Handbook of Intuition Research as Practice

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Contents: Introduction - New advances in intuition research Marta Sinclair PART 1 - Intuition as Part of an Integrated Approach to Decision Making 1. Intuiting and reasoning: facilitating subconscious and conscious processing for better decisions in organizations Jaana Woiceshyn 2. Adaptive decision making processes in crisis management Bjorn T. Bakken and Thorvald Haerem 3. Nursing students' decision making in clinical simulation Jean E. Pretz, Amanda L. Price, Kristen D. Zulkosky and Krista A. White 4. The use of intuitive expertise in acquisition-making: an explorative study Michael Grant, Fredrik Nilsson and Anna-Carin Nordvall 5. Uncovering opportunity: expert vs. novice entrepreneurs' use of intuitive and analytical decision-making Mingyang Wang and Jenny Gibb 6. Investigating entrepreneurial use of intuition and rationality in decision-making: a QCA approach Ariel Nian Gani, Allard C. R. van Riel, Sandra Streukens and Andreas Groessler 7. Presence of intuition in the process of strategic decision-making Delfina Biscak PART 2 - Different Roles of Affect in Intuiting 8. What is feeling, and how does it function in intuition? Lois Isenman 9. Psychophysical measurement of intuition Galang Lufityanto 10. Exploring intuition and decision-making across the 'three brains' Grant Soosalu and Suzanne Henwood 11. Are all intuitions the same? Or does it depend on the factor that triggers them? Marta Sinclair 12. Moral intuition and moral leader development Maxim Egorov and Armin Pircher Verdorfer PART 3 - Cultural and Collective Views on Intuition 13. Japanese style of "Genbaism": combining intuitive, logical, and holistic thinking through experience Kazuhito Isomura and Akihiko Kobayashi 14. "Wuity" - the proposed third cognitive model for mindful creative problem solving: a case study of two Chinese aerospace projects Xin Wang 15. Group intuition and intentionality: collective action at-a-distance? Raymond Trevor Bradley PART 4 - Developing Intuition in Practical Settings 16. Resourcing intuition in practice Satu Teerikangas, Marja Turunen and Liisa Valikangas 17. Facilitating intuitive decision making and an entrepreneurial mindset in corporate culture - a case study L.Murray Gillin 18. The contribution of mental simulation to the development of intuition Bianca Steffen, Michael Goller and Christian Harteis 19. Enhancing intuition in problem solving through problem finding Paola Iannello, Barbara Colombo, Serena Germagnoli and Alessandro Antonietti PART 5 - Researching Intuition from New Perspectives 20. Talking intuitions into existence: the role of ventriloquism figures Nora Meziani 21. Researching intuition through metaphor Heather Cairns-Lee 22. Intuition: scientific, non-scientific or unscientific? Viktor Doerfler and Alina Bas Index
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