Gonorynchiformes and Ostariophysan Relationships

Gonorynchiformes and Ostariophysan Relationships

A Comprehensive Review (Series on: Teleostean Fish Biology)

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Reassessment and Comparative Morphology of the Gonorynchiform Head Skeleton; Morphological Analysis of the Gonorynchiform Postcranial Skeleton; Early Ossification and Development of the Cranium and Paired Girdles of Chanos chanos (Teleostei, Gonorynchiformes; A Review of the Cranial and Pectoral Musculature of Gonorynchiform Fishes, with Comments on Their Functional Morphology and a Comparison with Other Otocephalans; The Epibranchial Organ and Its Anatomical Environment in the Gonorynchiformes, with Functional Discussions; The Fossil Record of Gonorynchiformes; Gonorynchiform Interrelationships: Historic Overview, Analysis, and Revised Systematics of the Group; A New Teleostean Fish from the Early Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) of SE Morocco, with a Discussion of its Relationships with Ostariophysans; Gonorynchiformes in the Teleostean Phylogeny: Molecules and Morphology Used to Investigate Interrelationships of the Ostariophysi; Systematics and Phylogenetic Relationships of Cypriniformes; Review of the Phylogenetic Relationships and Fossil Record of Characiformes; State of the Art of Siluriform Higher-level Phylogeny; The Mitochondrial Phylogeny of the South American Electric Fish (Gymnotiformes) and an Alternative Hypothesis for the Otophysan Historical Biogeography; A Nomenclatural Analysis of Gonorynchiform Taxa
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Hemal Arch;clupeiforms;Chanos Chanos;gonorynchiform morphology;Adductor Mandibulae;ostariophysans;Preural Centrum;teleosts;Lateral Ethmoid;Nomen Nudum;Dilatator Operculi;Sister Group Relationship;Levator Operculi;Gill Rakers;Opercular Adduction;Pectoral Rays;Sister Group;Posterodorsal Surface;Caudal Skeleton;Dermal Bones;Santana Formation;Posterior Ceratohyal;Posteroventral Process;Branchial Arches;Adductor Hyomandibulae;Pectoral Girdle Musculature;Infraorbital Sensory Canal;Branchial Basket;Hyohyoideus Abductor