Functional Surfaces in Biology III

Functional Surfaces in Biology III

Diversity of the Physical Phenomena


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1 Introduction2 Adhesion of parasitic worms, Paolo Galli + WeiLim Wong + Peter Ladurn3 Clingfish adhesion, Petra Ditsche-Kuru4 Possible role of gradients in insect adhesion, Stanislav Gorb5 Cell adhesion to soft/hard substrates, Selhuber-Unkel6 Ontogenetic shift in insect adhesion, Dagmar Voigt + Daniel Zurek7 Biochemistry aspects of insect adhesion, Betz Oliver8 Modelling of biological adhesion, Popov Valentin + Alex Filippov9 Bed bug adhesion, Reinhardt Klaus10 Pollinia adhesion to insect surfaces, Thielen Marc11 Surface effects of carnivorous plants, Speck Thomas + Holger Bohn12 Treefrog adhesion, Jon Barnes13 Attachment discs of arachnics, Jonas Wolff14 Attachment devices of parasitic flies, Dennis Petersen + Stanislav Gorb15 Snail adhesion, Andrew Smith16 Index
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