Fish Locomotion

Fish Locomotion

An Eco-ethological Perspective


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Waves and Eddies: Effects on Fish Behavior and Habitat Distribution; Biomechanics of Rheotactic Behaviour in Fishes; Fish Guidance and Passage at Barriers; Swimming Strategies for Energy Economy; Escape Responses in Fish: Kinematics, Performance and Behavior; Roles of Locomotion in Feeding; Ecology and Evolution of Swimming Performance in Fishes: Predicting Evolution with Biomechanics; Sexual Selection, Male Quality and Swimming Performance; Environmental Influences on Unsteady Swimming Behaviour: Consequences for Predator-prey and Mating Encounters in Teleosts; The Effects of Environmental Factors on the Physiology of Aerobic Exercise; Swimming Speeds in Larval Fishes: From Escaping Predators to the Potential for Long Distance Migration; The Role of Swimming in Reef Fish Ecology; Swimming Behaviour and Energetics of Free-ranging Sharks: New Directions in Movement Analysis; The Ecophysiology of Swimming and Movement Patterns of Tunas, Billfishes, and Large Pelagic Sharks; Swimming Capacity of Marine Fishes and its Role in Capture by Fishing Gears
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Sea Water;fish swimming patterns;Cetorhinus Maximus;fish's behavior;Swimming Speed;fish movements;Xiphias Gladius;Pectoral Fins;Swimming Performance;Steady Swimming;Mauthner Cells;Wave Energies;Escape Response;Blue Shark;Bluefin Tuna;Caudal Fin;Routine Swimming;Critical Swimming Speed;Lamnid Sharks;Maximum Swimming Speed;Bigeye Tuna;Coral Reef Fishes;Secondary Sexual Traits;Reef Fishes;Energy Savings;Mako Shark;Bigeye Thresher;Bigeye Thresher Shark