Evolution of the Human Genome I

Evolution of the Human Genome I

The Genome and Genes

Saitou, Naruya

Springer Verlag, Japan






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Preface.- Part I: Overview of the Human Genome.- Chapter 1: Human evolution and human genome at a glance.- Chapter 2: Rubbish DNA: The functionless fraction of the human genome.- Chapter 3: GC content heterogeneity.- Chapter 4: Protein-coding and non-coding RNA genes.- Chapter 5: Duplicated genes.- Chapter 6: Recombination.-Chapter 7: CNVs and microsatellite DNA polymorphism.-Part II: The Human Genome Viewed through Genes.-Chapter 8: Genes on X and Y chromosomes.- Chapter 9: Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) region in human population studies.-Chapter 10: Evolution of genes for color vision and the chemical senses in primates.-Chapter 11: Global landscapes of human phenotypic variation in inherited traits.- Chapter 12: Transcription factor genes.- Chapter 13: Genetics of diabetes: are they thrifty genotype?.- Chapter 14: Disease-related genes from population genetic aspect and their functional significance.- Chapter 15: Microbe genomes associated with human body.-Index.
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Human genome;Evolution;Primates;Disease;Genome organization;Transcription factors;Opsin genes;Junk DNA;Recombination