Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies in Post-Keynesian Economics

Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies in Post-Keynesian Economics


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Contents: Acknowledgments INTRODUCTION: Economic policies for growth and development Hassan Bougrine and Louis-Philippe Rochon PART 1: ECONOMIC GROWTH AND POST-KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS 1. Celebrating Pioneers Louis-Philippe Rochon and Hassan Bougrine 2. Autonomous demand growth, distribution and fiscal and monetary policy in the short and long Runs Amitava Krishna Dutt 3 Functional distribution and wage inequality in recent Kaleckian growth models Eckhard Hein and Franz J. Prante 4 Trade and growth in middle-income economies: Mexico, Korea and China Gerardo Fujii-Gambero, Julio Lopez-Gallardo and Manuel Garcia-Ramos 5 Household Debt and the Rentiers' Share of Income Orsola Costantini 6 Secular stagnation, loanable funds and demography: why the Zero-Lower Bound (ZLB) is not the problem Servaas Storm 7 Hicks on Hayek, Keynes, and Wicksell John Smithin and Eric Kam 8 Garegnani, Ackley and the years of high theory at Svimez Sergio Cesarrato 9 The Role of Destabilising Expectations in the 2000-2001 Turkish Crisis: A Behavioural Economics Complement to the Financial Fragility Hypothesis Mathieu Dufour PART 2: MACRO-STABILIZATION POLICIES AND POST-KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS 10 Long-term shifts in demand and distribution in neo-Kaleckian and neo-Goodwinian models Robert A. Blecker 11 The Problematic Nature of the Macroeconomic Policies of the Economic and Monetary Union Philip Arestis and Malcom Sawyer 12 The Political Economy of QE and the Fed: Who Gained, Who Lost and Why did it End? Juan Antonio Montecino and Gerald Epstein 13 Central Bank Independence Revisited Geoffrey. C. Harcourt, Peter Kriesler and Joseph Halevi 14 The Case for a Capital Levy John E. King 15 Negative interest rate policy (NIRP) and the fallacy of the natural rate of interest: Why NIRP may worsen Keynesian unemployment Tom I. Palley 16 Dimensions and Implications of the Slowdown in OECD Business Investment Jim Stanford 17 The Great Deception: The 'Science' of Monetary Policy and the Great Moderation Revisited Gilberto Tadeu Lima , Mark Setterfield and Jaylson Jair da Silveira Index
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Economic growth; Stabilization policies; Post-Keynesian theory book; Quantitative easing; Central Bank independence; Income distribution