Diotima at the Barricades

Diotima at the Barricades

French Feminists Read Plato

Miller, Paul Allen

Oxford University Press






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Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: The Sublime Freedom of the Ancients: de Beauvoir, Cixous, and Duras on Gender, the Erotic, and Transcendence 1: The Dark Continent: Luce Irigaray, the Cave, and the History of Western Metaphysics 2: Revolution in Platonic Language: The Chora in Kristeva 3: Platonic Eros: Kristeva Sends Her Love to Foucault and Lacan 4: Socrates, Freud, and Dionysus: The Double Life and Death of Sarah Kofman Epilogue: Plato and Truth Bibliography Index
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