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1. Milton! Thou Shouldst Be Living in These Media - David Currell and Islam Issa.2. The John Milton Reading Room and the Future of Digital Pedagogy - Cordelia Zukerman.3. "Is There a Class in this Audiotext?": Paradise Lost and the Multimodal Social Edition - Olin Bjork and John Rumrich.4. "Apt Numbers": On Line Citations of Paradise Lost - David Currell.5. Form and Computation: A Case Study - Anupam Basu.6. Mapping the Moralized Geography of Paradise Lost - Randa El Khatib and David Currell.7. "Still Paying, Still to Owe": Credit, Community, and Small Data in Shakespeare and Milton - Peter C. Herman.8. The Online Revolution: Milton and the Internet in the Middle East - Islam Issa.9. Digital Milton and Student Research - David Ainsworth.10. Milton for Millenials: Sponsoring Digital Creativity through Milton Revealed - Hugh Macrae Richmond.11. Epilogue: Milton in the Digital Waves - Angelica Duran.
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