Digital Education Pedagogy

Digital Education Pedagogy

Principles and Paradigms

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1. Chatbots in Higher Education: Adapting the Educational Transformation Cycle. 2. Digitalization in Education: A Shift in Learning, Teaching, and Pedagogue Development. 3. Building Interactive E-Textbooks to Assist Students in Self-Learning and Self-Discovery. 4. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Teaching: Principles and Paradigms. 5. Using Kotobee E-Book Design and Software in Teaching Chemistry in High Schools. 6. Teaching English through Technologized Visual Cultures to Engineering and Management Students: An Effective Means for Skill Development in the Teaching and Learning Process. 7. Building and Using Virtual Chemical Labs in High School Chemistry Teaching. 8. Digital Education: Trends and Perspectives in Teacher Education in Vietnam. 9. 4Ei-Digital Pedagogy Model for Teacher Education.
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