Credit, Money and Crises in Post-Keynesian Economics

Credit, Money and Crises in Post-Keynesian Economics


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Contents: INTRODUCTION Louis-Philippe Rochon and Hassan Bougrine PART 1: MONEY, INCOME DISTRIBUTION AND POST-KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS 1. Celebrating Pioneers Louis-Philippe Rochon and Hassan Bougrine 2. Understanding Credit-Money: Lavoie and Seccareccia's Contribution to Monetary Theory Robert Guttmann 3. Money, State and Growth of Welfare: Fighting the dangerous transformation of capitalism Alain Parguez and Slim Thabet 4. Two Easy Pieces Riccardo Bellofiore 5. The Role of Stabilization Policies in the New Consensus Macroeconomics (NCM): Modern Lessons from John Kenneth Galbraith Giuseppe Fontana 6. The Macroeconomic Dimension of Money Virginie Monvoisin and Jean-Francois Ponsot 7. The Theory of Money, Interest and Unemployment Hassan Bougrine 8. International Money: Where do we stand? Claude Gnos and Sergio Rossi 9. Endogenous Money, Liquidity Preference and Confidence: For a qualitative theory of money Edwin Le Heron 10. High Finance, Political Money, and the U.S. Congress: A Quantitative Assessment of the Campaign to Roll Back Dodd-Frank Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, and Jie Chen 11. International Rentiers, Finance and Income Distribution: A Latin American and post-Keynesian Perspective Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matias Vernengo PART 2: CRISES AND POST-KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS 12. Is Macro in Crisis? Sheila Dow 13. Stagnation and Crisis: Understanding Credit Flows in Latin America from a Circuitist Perspective Eugenia Correa and Wesley Marshall 14. Secular Stagnation and the Curse of Contemporary Eldorados: What ever happened to broad-impact products? Laurent Cordonnier 15. Seccareccia and Lavoie on Financial Crises: Linking the Real and Financial Sectors of the Economy: The Major Contribution of Post-Keynesians Joelle Leclaire 16. On the changing nature and geography of crises: lessons for a sustainable internationalization Pascal Petit 17. Banking and Financial Crises Jan Toporowski Index
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Endogenous money; debt; crises; Credit; Post-Keynesian book; Political Economy;