Chemical Tools for Imaging, Manipulating, and Tracking Biological Systems: Diverse Methods for Optical Imaging and Conjugation

Chemical Tools for Imaging, Manipulating, and Tracking Biological Systems: Diverse Methods for Optical Imaging and Conjugation

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Fluorogenic detection of protein aggregates in live cells using the AggTag method Kwan Ho Jung and Xin Zhang Synthesis and application of a ratiometric probe for hydrogen peroxide Ruwen Yin, Yuan Fang, Xinqi Zhou and Cliff I. Stains Protein labeling for FRET with methoxycoumarin and acridonylalanine Chloe M. Jones, Yarra Venkatesh and E. James Petersson Ascertaining the activity and inhibition of adenosine deaminase via fluorescence-based assays Paul T. Ludford III and Yitzhak Tor Method to discriminate amyloids using fluorescent probes Kristine L. Teppang, Rachel S. Ehrlich and Jerry Yang Chemical modulation of circadian rhythms and assessment of cellular behavior via indirubin and derivatives Hui-Hsien Lin, Kelly L. Robertson, Sujeewa S. Lellupitiyage Don, Stephanie R. Taylor and Michelle E. Farkas Methods for analysis of near-infrared (NIR) quenched-fluorescent contrast agents in mouse models of cancer John C. Widen, Martina Tholen, Joshua J. Yim and Matthew Bogyo Acid-brightening fluorescent protein (abFP) for imaging acidic vesicles and organelles Nanxi Wang and Lei Wang 4-Cyanoindole-based fluorophores for biological spectroscopy and microscopy Arusha Acharyya, Ismail A. Ahmed and Feng Gai Dissecting contributions of catalytic and reader domains in regulation of histone demethylation Nektaria Petronikolou, James E. Longbotham and Danica Galonic Fujimori Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA)-based chemoselective protein bioconjugation and peptide cyclization Qing Zhang, Yue Zhang and Xuechen Li Chemical synthesis of di-ubiquitin modified histones for further biochemical studies Jia-Bin Li, Jun Liang and Changlin Tian Chemical probes and methods for single-cell detection and quantification of epichaperomes in hematologic malignancies Swathi Merugu, Sahil Sharma, Justin Kaner, Chander Digwal, Mayumi Sugita, Suhasini Joshi, Tony Taldone, Monica L. Guzman and Gabriela Chiosis FlICk (fluorescent isoindole crosslinking) for peptide stapling Mihajlo Todorovic and David M. Perrin Selective protein N-terminal labeling with N-hydroxysuccinimide esters Hanjie Jiang, Gabriel D. D'Agostino, Philip A. Cole and Daniel R. Dempsey Covalent live-cell labeling of proteins using a photoreactive fluorogen Tewoderos M. Ayele, Steve D. Knutson and Jennifer M. Heemstra Photoconvertible diazaxanthilidene dyes for live cell imaging Rachel M. Lackner, Christopher L. Johnny and David M. Chenoweth No-wash live cell imaging with a photoswitchable near-infrared hCRBPII protein-fluorophore tag Wei Sheng, James H. Geiger and Babak Borhan
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4-cyanotryptophan; 6p electrocyclization; Acid-brightening fluorescent protein (abFP); Acidic vesicles and organelles; Activatible fluorescent probes; Adenosine deaminase; Altered oscillations; Alzheimer"s disease; Amplitude; Amyloids; Amyloid-ss; Biocompatible reaction; Cell signaling; Chemoselective; Chromatin; Circadian rhythms; Cyanine dye; Diazaxanthilidene; Discovery assay; Discrimination; Environmentally-sensitive fluorophores; Epichaperome chemical probe; Expressed protein ligation; Fluorescence; Fluorescence imaging; Fluorescence microscopy; Fluorescent probe; Fluorescent probes; Fluorescent proteins; Fluorescent ribonucleoside; Fluoresecence polarization; Fluorogen; FRET; Genetic code expansion; Glycol auxiliary; hCRBPII; Hematologic malignancies; Histone; Histone demethylases; Hydrogen peroxide; Imaging; In cellulo; In vitro; Indirubin; Inhibitor; Isoindole; Isopeptide; Kaede; Live-cell; Live-cell imaging; Luminescent reporters; l-ss-(quinoline-6-yl) alanine, Qui; Macrocycle; Microscopy; Microscopy FRET; Mitotracker; Mouse models of cancer; Multiparameter flow cytometry; Native chemical ligation; Neurodegenerative diseases; N-hydroxysuccinimde ester; NIR fluorescence; No-wash Imaging; Oncogenic properties; Optical contrast agents; Ortho-phthalaldehyde; Peptide; Peptide cyclization; Peptide stapling; Period; PET; PHD; Photoaffinity; Photoconvertible; Photocrosslinking; Photoswitchable; Protein aggregation; Protein bioconjugation; Protein connectivity dysfunction; Protein fusion tags; Protein labeling; Ratiometric probe; Reactive oxygen species; Reader domains; Semi-synthesis; Single-cell proteome dysfunction detection; Small molecules; Spatiotemporal control; Spectroscopy; Synthesis; Three color FRET; Turn-ON fluorescence; Ubiquitin; Unnatural amino acid