Bio-inspired Structured Adhesives

Bio-inspired Structured Adhesives

Biological Prototypes, Fabrication, Tribological Properties, Contact Mechanics, and Novel Concepts

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Biology* Biological prototypes for bio-inspired adhesives* Adhesion and friction in biological attachment systemsFabrication* New routes for large-scale fabrication of bio-inspired adhesivesCharacterization* Bridging the gap: from JKR-like to conformal adhesion testingAdhesion, Friction, and Contact Mechanics* Adhesion scaling of mushroom-shaped adhesive elements* Different failure types in the adhesion of bio-inspired adhesives* Material, structural, and material property gradients in fibrillar adhesive systems* Role of viscoelasticity in bio-inspired adhesives* Friction of hexagonally patterned elastomeric filmsSwitchability* Pressure sensitive adhesion: switchable adhesion by curvature control of inflated elastic membranes* Current strategies of switchable adhesionApplications
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