All the Math You'll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Gui de, Third Edition

All the Math You'll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Gui de, Third Edition

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How to Use This Book vii Acknowledgments 1 Getting Started 2 Essential Arithmetic Addition What Is Multiplication?, Subtraction Division 3 Focus on Multiplication The Multiplication Table, Learning the Multiplication Table, Testing Your Knowledge, About Long Multiplication, Practice Exercises with Two Digits, Multiplying Three Digits, Four-Digit Multiplication, Word Problems with Multiplication, 4 Focus on Division Short Division, Long Division, Word Problems with Division, 5 Mental Math Fast Multiplication, Fast Division, How Are You Doing So Far?, Mental Math Tricks 6 Positive and Negative Numbers What Are Negative Numbers?, Adding Positive and Negative Numbers, Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers, Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers, Division with Positive and Negative Numbers, 7 Fractions Changing the Look of Fractions, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying by Fractions, Dividing by Fractions, 8 Decimals Adding and Subtraction with Decimals, Multiplying with Decimals, Dividing with Decimals, 9 Converting Fractions and Decimals Converting Fractions into Decimals, Converting Decimals into Fractions, Simplifying Fractions, Repeating Decimals Non-terminating Decimals 10 Ratios and Proportions Ratios, Proportions, 11 Solving Problems Words and Fractions, Word Problems with Money, 12 Area and Perimeter Areas of Rectangles, When We Use Area, Perimeters of Rectangles, Areas of Triangles, 13 Circumference and Area Circumferences of Circles, The Area of a Circle, 14 Percentages Fractions, Decimals, and Percents, Percent Change, Fast Percent Change, Percent Distribution, Tipping, 15 Solving Simple Equations The Care and Treatment of Equations, Isolating x, Addition and Subtraction with x, Multiplication and Division with x, Fractions and Decimals in Equations, Negative Numbers, Multi-Step Equations, 16 Powers and Roots Exponents, Roots, Advanced Problems, 17 Very Large and Very Small Numbers Writing Large Numbers, Scientific Notation, Millions, Billions, Trillions, and Beyond Multiplying Large Numbers, Dividing Large Numbers, Scientific Notation for Very Small Numbers, 18 Algebra Problems Age Problems, Finding the Numbers, Mixture Problems, 19 Interest Rates Simple Interest, Compound Interest, A Word on Continuous Compounding, Doubling Time: The Rule of 70, Discounting, 20 Rate, Time and Distance The Magic Formula, The Terms, Finding Distance, Finding Rate, Finding Time, Rate, Time, and Distance Problems, Speed Limit Problems, 21 Personal Finances Mark-Down Problems, Sales Tax Problems, Credit Cards, Federal Income Tax, Mortgage Interest and Taxes, 22 Business Math Commissions, Mark-Ups, Discounting from List Price, Quantity Discounts, 2/10 n/30, Chain Discounts, Profit 23 A Taste of Statistics Distributions of Data, Measures of Center, Measures of Spread, Estimating, 24 Review Index
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