World of Songs

World of Songs

Selected Poems, 1894-1921


University of Toronto Press






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Acknowledgments A Note on the Author Abbreviations Preface Overture The Gable Window Prelude The Poet's Thought Songs of Place In Lovers' Lane The Fir Lane In an Old Garden The Old Home Calls The Exile The Summons Songs of Memory Three Days Companioned Do You Remember? Memory Pictures Interlude The Singer Songs of Lamentation Irrevocable I Would Be Well Night Watches If I Had Known The Book Longing The Mother Songs of War The Last Prayer The Three Songs We Who Wait Our Women Interlude One of the Shepherds Songs of Land and Sea When the Fishing Boats Go Out When the Fishing Boats Come In Rain in the Woods My Pictures The Wind in the Poplars The Sea-Shell Before Storm A Shore Picture The Sea to the Shore Songs of Death Too Late I Have Buried My Dead Omega An Old Man's Grave The Treasures Songs of Love If Love Should Come Assurance The Gray Silk Gown On the Bridge Gratitude With Tears They Buried You To-day Forever To One Hated The Lover's Catechism Postlude The Poet Coda What I Would Ask of Life Afterword Notes Bibliography Index by Title Index by Date Index by First Line